Print Your Own Label Packing Instructions

packaging schematic

Packing Instructions

  • Insert battery into phone and make sure the phone is switched off
  • Pack phone into a box and secure phone against movement or accidental activation
  • Place box and Delivery Note into a padded envelope or postal bag and securely seal
  • Affix Option 1 or Option 2 label onto padded envelope or postal bag and complete sender details


  • Any small box or cardboard packaging can be used
  • PLEASE DO NOT SEND accessories or the original box as we will not be able to return them. Chargers are needed for laptops, consoles and smart watches.
  • If sending your phone via Special Delivery, your post office will supply a postal bag as part of the service
  • Multiple phones can be packed into a single box provided each phone is wrapped in tissue or bubble wrap
  • Only handset and battery is required
  • Remove and retain any SIM and memory cards (All cards received are non-returnable)

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