Our Top Inspirational Mobile-Powered Social Influencers

It’s incredible the power we carry in our pockets each and every day.

These wonderful little computers we still refer to as phones — even though they’re so much more — are our reliable partners everywhere we go, helping us see, explore, and capture everything the world has to offer. Plus, they’re perfect for adventures!

Want to see the world? Well, smartphones are easy to carry and protect on your journey — just slip it into your pocket. And if you can’t escape out into the world, they’re also your window to seeing what’s out there.

That’s why, as lovers and purveyors of mobile technology, the Mazuma Mobile team compiled their favorite influencers from Instagram who travel the world and share its beauty through mobile phone photography. These are the ones who inspire us every day to see more, do more, and capture more.

They celebrate the wonder of the world through the wonderful tech in their pockets, and we love them for that. We hope you love them, as well.


@girleatworld is a food and travel log powered by the iPhone XS Max, capturing moments of Mel Hie eating her way around this delicious world. She got started because she didn’t like selfies, or asking strangers to take her photo, so now she finds cool food & places, and puts them together for a tasty view of the world for you to enjoy!


Rome-based creative photographer @tonybalbi will make you instantly want to jet off to the Mediterranean with his incredible shots of Italy and abroad. To heighten the color, vibrancy, and texture, he edits in Lightroom — a free app that will help you take your travel photos to a whole other level.


@karstenkimble is an urban explorer who never stops capturing the beautiful world around him, including stellar shots of city environments and the unique architectural lines and colours that can be found out there.


@ashishjparmar is a photographer based in India who shoots with his iPhone XS Max and edits with the iPad Pro using Affinity Photo, Photoshop, and a stylus. He also uses his Apple Watch to as a remote trigger, along with shooting with wide angle lenses, LED lights, a GorillaPod, and other accessories.


For Australia-based photographer @ryanpernofski the ocean is art, and that is clear in photos like this as he captures waves breaking, the way the sun creates new vibrant colours across the glimmering waters. He captures them all using his phone cased in AxisGo housing by Aquatech for protection, and then edits in VSCO to optimize the natural beauty.


@nemod96 is Google Pixel advocate who uses his device to find the beauty in his native Mumbai. He also uses @Moment lenses to make his Pixel work even harder, bringing his environment to life in wild & wonderful ways.


@austinmann When travel photographer Austin Mann uses an iPhone, he brings along a mini tripod, the Pedco UltraPod with a Glif quick release attachment, and a portable power bank. The U.S.-based photographer also uses Moment’s fisheye lens and the Movi stabilizer. For editing, he uses both Snapseed and VSCO, while relying on PhotoPills to plan his shots and NightCap Pro for long exposures.


@thesupermaniak for DJ-turned-photographer Maria José Govea, it’s the use of colour that makes her photos pop. Whether she’s shooting on the beach, at a nightclub, or in the desert, the Los Angeles-based photographer mixes bright hues with gorgeous backdrops to bring her subjects to life.


@mskevin is a French interface designer who explores Europe with his iPhone XS, capturing the beautiful, romantic simplicity of its buildings and people.


There are no bad days with @cameracaleb as he travels the West Coast of North America in his van, capturing his adventures with friends on his phone using the Moment app and lens.


Now that you’re inspired by just a few of our favorite mobile phone social influencers, grab your smartphone and hit the road to capture the world, even if it’s just outside.

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Written by Mazuma

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