The easiest way to stop getting nuisance calls in the UK

Has anyone actually been miss-sold PPI?

We all get them, we all get annoyed by them, and as far as we are aware, nobody has ever actually had a reason to answer the PPI calls other than to ‘thank them for their time’ and hang up again.

Do you want to stop these calls coming in?

We don’t want to be presumptuous here, but we imagine that you aren’t a fan of these calls. Cold calling has become so frustrating for some people that they choose to flat out ignore all calls from unknown numbers!

Over the years there have been multiple services attempting to ‘help’ get you removed from these hellish contact lists, only for others to pop up, again, and again, and again.

Something you might not know is that there is a good list and, if your number is on the good list, it becomes illegal to ring that number with unsolicited calls. Granted, occasionally things slip through the net, but people need to know that there are very simple steps they can take to at least lower the frequency.

The Government’s Telephone Preference Service, aka the TPS handles the approved list in question.

Quick! How do I get on the list?!

Simple, all you do is;

  • Text ‘TPS’ and your email address to ‘78070’

By the way, it is completely free!

What next?

You get an SMS from the TPS letting you know that the deed is done.

It will take a little time for the cold call people to have their lists updated, but gradually, you should start to notice a lack of time wasters and frown provoking phone calls. After 28 days, the service should be in full flow and you can return to life before PPI and double glazing!

Written by Mazuma

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