4 iPhone apps to make you smarter

We would all like to be a little bit smarter than we are, acknowledging that these days it is really hard to allocate time to so-called “proper study”.

However, there is a modern-day solution in the form of apps. We take our smartphones everywhere, meaning we have access to resources all the time.

It means that wherever you are, whatever time of the day it is, you can steal yourself five or ten minutes and get to work on boosting your brainpower.

Here are four top apps that will make you smarter.


Inspiro says that its app is not just about helping you develop ideas. It is also an “imagination stimulator”.

It does just that through using “dynamic word randomisation” and a vocabulary that is simple to customise.

There are three elements to the app. The first is Muse, which is “kaleidoscopic amalgam of basic word-forms … strung together in interesting and unexpected ways”.

The second is Scenarios, which puts characters in interesting situations. It can generate odd, funny and inspirational narratives.

Finally the third, the Daydream Machine, delivers “conceptual phrases” on auto, meaning you can “sit back and enjoy the show”.


We all envy those perfect, interesting and captivating individuals who just seem to know it all and be able to captivate people with all sorts of interesting stories.

Well you too can be a more engaging dinner party guest with Owl, which “tells you a kick-ass fact every day”.

The team behind it say that the facts it shares via its app are “actually interesting” – they are distinct and not widely known.

Here is one example from the past: “Most ‘baby carrots’ are cut-down carrots that would otherwise be rejected by supermarkets for being too ugly”.

Fascinating to say the least. After a week of this app, you’ll be the toast of the party at the weekend.

Clockwork Brain

Puzzles have been found to keep our brain active and healthy because they force us to be more active in our thinking, as well as getting us to problem-solve more than usual.

And they can be a whole lot of fun, as the Clockwork Brain app reveals. It offers users multiple puzzles to tackle.

These include games and activities that stimulate cognitive skills, such as memory, logic, calculation, perception and reflexes.

It features “a distinctive, hand-painted look and feel, influenced by Victorian Steampunk and Mayan art”, the team says.

We reckon this app will have you hooked and you find yourself tackling all sorts of things at different times of the day.


In the busy world we live it often feels like we can’t remember what we were doing or saying five minutes ago, let alone yesterday.

Eidetic is your answer. It works by using a technique that is known as “spaced repetition” – this means “using items that have meaning and context”.

It sets you a challenge and then keeps you engaged through regular notifications that inform you when it is time to challenge yourself.

By “spacing” these tests over time, it allows you to absorb the information in the most effective way.

The outcome is that not only do you remember more, your general long-term memory improves – everything that you record stays with you.ADNFCR-2155-ID-801792102-ADNFCR

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