We all want to live ethically and with pertinent environmental concern, but it can be tough to spot the perpetrators when it comes to choosing ethically produced electrical devices for your lifestyle. As mobile phone recycling experts with global reach, we’re pretty in tune with world issues of ethical production and waste disposal. So while you mull over sending us your old mobiles for cash, here are a few of the more shocking facts about electrical devices in the modern age.
Mobile Recycling and Production
Few mobile phone manufacturers can swear, hand on heart, that they know 100% where the minerals used in their production processes come from. It’s not because they’re evil corporations, but simply because much of the mineral market is incredibly under-regulated, particularly in struggling countries. Mobile recycling is the number one way you can influence the mineral market by ethically disposing of your phone and encouraging mineral re-use.
TV Screens and Laptops
Unscrupulous manufacturers of things like laptops often have poor reputations for worker’s rights on the factory floor. Human labour is very cheap, and NGOs around the globe are constantly pushing for better regulations in struggling economies. A key role in target markets is advertising; companies market a new product aggressively, drumming up demand, then force factory employees to work dangerously long hours to fulfil the demand. What can you do? Do a little digging into your chosen manufacturer; the internet and free flow of information to customers is a great weapon in forcing manufacturers to clean up their act!

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