As the festive season draws in and Christmas lists are compiled, our own little elves are busy getting ready for the huge influx of used mobile phones and tablets we handle over the holiday period. Not content with filling our stockings with phone recycling treasure, here are a few tips to help you decide between those two fabulous devices for your Christmas present – smartphones or tablets?

A very straightforward consideration – will you end up leaving a tablet at home all the time because it’s too big. Similarly, will you cart your laptop around because a smartphone’s too small?

It’s pretty simple really – what are you going to use a smartphone/tablet for, honesty? Sure, tablets look great in an ad where some Parisian lady is sipping coffee in the sunshine and catching up with the latest London fashion week news videos on her chic tablet (does anyone do that in real life??), but what will YOU be doing? Checking your Facebook on the tube? Reading Jane Eyre in the park? Watching movies on the 45-minute daily commute? Researching your doctorate on the road? Be honest about what you’re likely to use the device for, or it’s simply a bad investment.

Most folks who buy a smartphone go down the contract route and recycle mobile phones for cash a year down the line when the time comes to upgrade. Tablets tend to work on a different scheme, so are you in it for the upgrades or the long-term functionality?

Written by Mazuma

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