Getting used to the latest mobile phones and tablets might not be high on your list of things to do, particularly if you’re of the I’m-used-to-this-one school of thought. According to Apple, touchscreens are the present and future. According to Blackberry, it’s not quite time to count out keypads. Here are a few pros and cons for the touchscreen virgin thinking of an upgrade (and maybe getting some cash for old mobile phones!)
• Easy to clean because there are no gaps for detritus to fall into. Touchscreens are very sensitive, but with a few good habits can be kept pretty much as-new for years.
• Amazing scope for creativity and speedy menu access… once you get used to it! Artistic apps and highly personalised menu routes can have your finger doing happy little triple salchows across the screen!
• Very, very easy to use even for the novice. Those with limited mobility can benefit wonderfully from the simple, sensitive design of touchscreens.
• The sensitivity of a touch screen can be a curse as well as well as a blessing, particularly for folks with large finger pads or heavy-handed tendencies.
• Although modern touchscreens are precision engineered, they can be easier to break than traditional keypad devices. Take the example of Apple’s reputation for cracked screens at a seemingly innocuous touch!
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