Little titbits of information can be fantastically useful! Just in case you don’t have time to actually study the history and culture of modern mobile phones, here are a few fascinating little facts for you to whip out at dinner parties… or at the pub… or when you see our advert on TV!

•    More than 20 million old mobile phones are upgraded annually in the UK (that’s 20 million opportunities to sell mobile phones for cash!)
•    The average UK household secrets away four or more unused mobile phones, equating to more than 50 million potential devices for mobile phone recycling!
•    Current figures estimate mobile phone ringtones account for around 15% of total music downloads.
•    The very first SMS text message was sent via the Vodaphone network in December 1992 between test engineers Neil Papworth and Richard Jarvis. It read “Merry Christmas”
•    The Chinese mobile phone market is the fastest growing globally, with many poorer Chinese investing in refurbished mobile phones like ours.
•    Japan and China suffer the highest rates of spam text messaging in the world (up to 70% of total message in some cases)
•    Nobody can be sure how long a mobile phone takes to fully degrade in a landfill, as we simply haven’t been around long enough! Research estimates the period as being anything from 500 years to a millennia.
•    The first mobile phone call was made by Dr Martin Cooper (then Director of Research and Development at Motorola) in April 1973.

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