Let’s face it, we’ve all sent incriminating gossip-related texts or taken photos of the rude words we’ve spelled out using the brass house name letters in the local hardware store! Bottom line, we all have data on our old mobile phones that could be deemed… sensitive!
We know that if we want you to recycle old mobiles for cash, we need to provide a top quality data erase tool. We also know that it’s important to do things like data erasing yourself just to be sure! Our free mobile data erase tool is available for heaps of different phone models, and allows you to clear your phone of ALL data before you pop it in the post to our phone bank. Simply fill out the online request form and we’ll email you complete instructions within a few minutes.
iPad customer? No problem, the tech wizards here in Mazuma HQ can talk you through a complete data erase process. Just select your tablet model from the dropdown menu on our “Mobile Delete Data Tool” webpage under the tab “About Our Service”
So, before you pop your mobile in the post, use our free data delete tool to make sure all gossip-laden texts, secret government codes and compromising photos of ex’s are erased 100%
Oh, and one more thing, we don’t use ANY of your information for marketing purposes when you request the data delete tool, so you won’t be getting a load of email spam nonsense from anyone!

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