You might have heard about phone recycling through the media and via your friends but have been put off investigating the process because you are not sure whether or not the handsets you have would qualify for such a scheme.

After all, what sort of firm would want to part with cash for the battered old device that has been lying on your shelf unused for over a year?

Well, quite possibly we at Mazuma Mobile would. However, in order to be eligible for the mobile phone recycling for cash scheme, your handset must meet a number of criteria.

For example, if it is to qualify for the deals for devices deemed to be ‘working’ it must be possible to switch the product on and off and, if this is not the case with your phone then you will have to think of another means of disposing of it.

In addition, it must be fully functional and the screen must be working and intact.

Another vital rule that must be adhered to is that the battery has to be included and the item must not be crushed or water damaged.

Meanwhile, if you are seeking mobile recycling deals for handsets deemed to be not working, you must ensure a battery is included and the device must not be crushed or broken in half.

As long as you know which offers, if any, you are eligible to take up, you should waste no time in taking advantage of the cash deals we have available.

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