It’s an eternal conundrum; the shiny new phone of contract mobile service… or the cheaper option on PAYG? As mobile phone recycling gurus (if we might say so ourselves!) we’ve really done our research in this field, and even here in Mazuma HQ we’re a mix of PAYG devotees and contract crazy fanatics!


PAYG – The financial freedom and one-time payout for the handset are perhaps the most appealing options, but it does mean you’re probably going to be limited in terms of what you can afford. The likes of iPhones are typically near £650 for a new handset on PAYG.
CONTRACT – The free phone, THE FREE PHONE! Low cost access to the best smartphones on the market has to be the number one attraction of contract mobile phones. It’s worth remembering that a 24 month contract commitment is a long time, so always be mindful of future circumstances before signing up.


PAYG – Upgrading is more a matter of when you can afford it rather than when your contract is up, but for folks who can afford to splash out and sell old mobile phones before coming home with a shiny new iPhone4 on PAYG, the freedom to upgrade every few months can be rather attractive.
CONTRACT – Our phone bank is full of old contract phones! As long as you complete the contract, the phones are yours to do with as you will, so recycling when upgrade time rolls around is a great way to squeeze a final few pennies out of that old iPhone3G!

Written by Mazuma

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