How many old phones do you have around your home between you and your family? The average UK household has at least four former mobile phones, which are unused and unwanted. This equates to a staggering 50 million phones across the country! We are a country that likes to keep up with the trends, and in a single year 20 million of us will upgrade our handsets.

Even with a shiny new handset in your hand, so many people keep hold of their last one for some inexplicable reason. If you sell that Blackberry phone, however, you could make yourself some cash, which can then be used to pay off your new phone bill or treat yourself to something nice. It used to be that mobile phone shops would offer cash for a trade in of an old phone, but this only used to be a measly £10 in most cases. Here at Mazuma Mobile, we sell your Blackberry Storm (or any other phone you have) and give you the cash value of its worth. Phones generally depreciate by around £5 per month, so don’t hang around because you’re losing cash by doing so!

If you’re convinced and are thinking ‘how do I sell my phone?’ then it’s easy. Just find your model on our site and choose how you’d like to get paid. Pop it in a freepost bag and we’ll send you your money as soon as we receive the phone – that’s right, the very same day!

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