Many Apple iPhone 5 users who purchased their phone when it was launched 2 years ago are starting to reach the end of their 24 month pay monthly contract and will be no doubt tempted to upgrade to the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

The good napple-iphone-5ews is, even though the iPhone 5 is now 2 years old, the device is still worth between £80-£130 depending on which network it is locked to. Most UK retailers and networks are now offering the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for FREE on a 24 month contract. The money you can make by selling your iPhone 5 at Mazuma could go towards paying your monthly contract or buying some new accessories.

To sell your mobile phone, simply go to Mazuma Mobile, find out what it’s worth, submit a sale, post it off and get paid on the very same day Mazuma receive it!

As Mazuma Mobile are independent from any mobile phone retailer or network, you can choose to sell your iPhone 5 when it best suits you. Most people don’t like to hand over their current phone when buying a new one as they prefer to take both phones home and make sure all data is transferred properly. People generally also like to keep their old phone for a few days to make sure their new one works properly and isn’t missing any data. Once they are comfortable with their new phone and are happy no data has been lost, they can confidently data wipe their old phone and sell it.

When selling your old iPhone device don’t forget to remove your iCloud activation lock from it.

For an easy guide on how to remove personal information from your old phone use our Data Delete Tool.

Happy selling!

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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