Getting cash for mobiles is one thing, but what about where your handset goes? Do you care whether it’s used ethically or disposed of conscientiously? The happy tale of your old mobile’s new life with Mazuma Mobile and beyond is a simple one, but one that could see your little buddy in the hands of any number of grateful folks around the world.

The Re-Homing Process

Let’s say your old Motorola RZR has outlived it’s usefulness to you. Maybe you invested in an iPhone, maybe a Blackberry, or maybe showed a little brand devotion and went for the indomitable Motorola DEFY. Anyway, the point is that your old RZR needs a new home. You can sell your mobile to us and we’ll give it a thorough once-over (wiping data and checking whether everything works) before deciding where it should travel next. Working phones tend to head for our partners who sell phones in struggling economies where cheap communication is not only valuable, but can be lifesaving too. We currently enjoy great working relationships with retailers in the likes of Africa, India, Pakistan and China.

The End of the Road

Some handsets are simply too far gone or inefficient to fix. Whilst this is only around 5% of the models we buy, we take great care in disposing of them ethically. We’re an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Accredited Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Authorised Treatment Facility, which may not mean much to you, but in ethical disposal terms we’re very, VERY good boys and girls!

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Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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