There is more than one way to sell old mobile phones. You could try and find a mate who could use one- pick on whichever of your friends has the worst and oldest phone- or put an ad on Gumtree, sell on an online auction site or in a local paper. You’d have to take a picture of the phone, find out the exact make, year, and model, guess at the price and hope somebody would go for it.

But then it comes time to get paid. Your mate might stump up the cash or they might not and you could end up with your old phone on permanent, I’ll-get-the-money-to-you-next-payday loan. Selling mobile phones through classified advertisements is even more problematic because it can be quite difficult to ensure that the person you are selling to is legitimate and will actually pay you A) on time, or B) at all.

Exchanging old mobiles for cash is easy with Mazuma. You can be absolutely sure that you’ll be paid the going market rate for your unwanted mobile phone. We’re not some fly-by-night operation. Our company has paid out more than 80 million pounds for phones just like yours, and our business is here to stay as long as there are mobiles that need recycling. We have a well-established trading history and abide by all relevant statutes and regulations.

We believe that our service is not only the easiest way to turn an unwanted phone into cash, it’s also the most secure. You can rest assured that you’re dealing with a responsible, fully accountable company that pays up promptly.

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