Mobile phone recycling is great for both your pocket AND the environment. But before handing in your old mobiles for cash, it’s important to make sure your data doesn’t get passed on with your old phone. Photos, phone numbers, text messages and even settings should be removed before you sell your mobile phone.

Most folks buy online these days, but if you bought your new phone in a store, the odds are good that they’ll be happy to oblige you on your requests to wipe information from your old phone. Most stores provide data transfer services for network customers to make it easier for you to transfer settings etc and then clear information on one fell swoop.

Not everybody has the time to nip to the shops, so feel free to use our Mobile Data Delete Tool. The service is free and can be tailored to your phone by choosing make and model from the drop down menu. Pop in your name and email address and we’ll be sure to email you the relevant free instructions for your phone. Removing personal information using our free Mobile Delete Data Tool is the best way to be sure your information is safely in your hands only.

Tip: Remember to remove the micro SD memory cards from your old phones before sending them to us. Also remove SIM cards or call your operator to have the phone removed from your account (e.g.  in the case of iPhones)

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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