With thousands of new smartphones being bought by app-hungry consumers all over the UK every month, it’s no surprise that the number of unwanted mobile phones being thrown away into landfill sites is now greater than ever before

Why recycling phones is important

If we don’t recycle our old phones, over time, the components that are contained within mobile phones break down and release toxins into the surrounding air or water, thereby causing pollution that can harm the environment and kill animals and plant life.

What’s the alternative?

If you no longer want your old phone and want to make some money out of it, you can always use our phone recycling service at Mazuma to dispose of it. Indeed, Christmas is just around the corner so any bit of extra cash you can get your hands on will surely come in very handy.

How do I use Mazuma’s service?

All you need to do to benefit from our mobile phone recycling service is find out how much your phone is worth on our homepage. Then, the selling process is easy: send us your phone in the free packaging that we’ll post to you, and then receive your payment on the same day we take delivery of your phone.

So, for no more effort than putting a phone in an envelope, you can sell your old phones with us, whether you want to sell Nokia mobile phones or recycle Blackberry phones Mazuma has made it easy for you.

No brainer

What are you waiting for? Apart from making extra money by selling your old mobile phones at Mazuma, you will be helping the environment, ensuring that all the toxins contained in mobile phones are not released. In addition to this, if your unwanted phone can be reused, we will ensure that it is sent to areas where having a mobile phone is highly needed and will help to drive social change and economic growth in these developing countries.

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