We love it when you recycle Blackberry phones, iPhones and HTCs that are in full working order. We can refurbish them and send them to our overseas partners in the likes of Pakistan, parts of China, Africa and India, where reliable communication is vital.

Imagine if you lived 100 miles from your elderly mother and there was no way to keep tabs on her health? Imagine if you had to send your kids to school 12 miles away on foot – a walk they complete themselves because you have no choice but to work – and there was no way to contact the school? Or imagine if your business COULD be a success, but you’ve no way of communicating with buyers, suppliers or customers?  Our phones for cash service aims to bring valuable communication to these kinds of situations. But without your help and the ethical phone recycling that nets you some cash, we can’t help.

But what happens to broken phones? Why did we buy your old Nokia N8 when it doesn’t work? A silly answer might be that we’ve now morphed into crazy robots who feed on the insides of mobiles. But the real answer is much simpler; we do our best to repair all the broken phones we buy. If the cost of repair is greater than the net worth of the phone once it’s repaired, we take it apart and sell on or responsibly dispose of the bits (so no sticky landfill death for your old broken Motorola RZR!)

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