Some things in life are so tedious. Forgetting to buy stamps, finally fixing that leak in the porch door, clearing that pile of junk from behind the shed – there always seem to be about a thousand things on the periphery of life that always SHOULD be done but are rarely completed. Let’s just add “sell my phone” to that list, shall we? If you’re not particularly strapped for cash and/or suffer from life lethargy, here are a few reasons you should use our postal service or visit a Mazuma phone bank anyway.

It’s Ethical

We refurbish your old mobile phones for use in burgeoning communication markets such as Africa, Pakistan and so on. Without your mobile phone a poor person in Africa may not be able to communicate with their friends, family or business customers. It’s really very simple, either your phone wastes away in a forgotten draw, or begins a new life in the hands of someone who really needs the technology.

It’s Environmentally Friendly (and who wants to make the planet angry!)

Did you read our “Being Responsible” information yet? It’s full of facts and figures relating to mobile phone recycling and the environment. Let’s just pick one out of the air – 50 million phones nationwide are unused and loitering in disregarded corners of desk draws and storage boxes. We aim to keep mobile phones away from landfills for as long as possible. Everything has a shelf life, but most mobile phones are upgraded long before they reach theirs.

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