Mobile phone companies have been quite clever in coming up with new features on new handset models that you just don’t want to be without. Ever since the big players such as Apple and Blackberry came into the market, there has also been a thing about having the latest ‘must have’ handset, so people are upgrading their mobile phone handsets faster than ever before. However, where a trade in used to be offered by phone companies when you upgraded, giving you cash as well as the opportunity for mobile phone recycling, this seems to have fallen a bit by the wayside. Combined with a recession, this is not good news for you the consumer.

Seeing this as a huge problem, with hundreds of thousands of old handsets making their way to landfill sites, not degrading and causing toxic issues to boot, we decided to step in. Not only are we the biggest mobile recycling retailer in the UK, but we also help you to make money when you sell a Blackberry phone to us. Not only will you make yourself some money, but you will also be able to rest assured knowing that your phone will not be causing damage to the planet, but will actually be helping another developing country to improve their communication market. Your old phone will be reused in countries such as China, Pakistan and India. It doesn’t matter whether your old phone is working or not – you can still get cash and get it off your hands responsibly!

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