Sometimes, we at Mazuma Mobile get correspondence from people who want to recycle their mobile phones for cash, trying to understand how our business works. How is it, they say, that we can offer such good prices when you sell old mobile phones that have been left for ages in the kitchen drawer? How is it they continue, that if we are taking most of the risk with out of date equipment that we can ever hope to turn a profit?

It is, to be fair, a valid question, and it’s very easy to suggest that we rely on our excellent knowledge base to do this, but that doesn’t really explain the process.

We specialise in buying, reusing and recycling your old, unwanted mobile phones. This technology that we have for so long kept close to our hearts may have become obsolete to us, but to many people around the world that cannot afford the latest iPhone, or HTC Desire, older mobile phones are a lifeline. Countries in Eastern Europe, South America, and some Asian countries, as well as the markets of Africa, are desperate for cheap mobile communications.

As the infrastructure of mobile communications becomes global, reaching out to the farthest corners of the globe, so the availability and cost of mobile telecommunications must stay as low as possible. Imagine the support and advise an Ethiopian farmer can get with an internet connection, or how useful it is to an Argentinian fisherman to know what the weather will be in the morning.

Mobile phone recycling isn’t an easy business, but it is a worthy one.

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