Of course we’re after your old mobile phones, but did you know we also want your tablets? It’s not that we’re greedy or anything, but tablets like iPads could offer an alternative to a costly computer to some of the folks we support in struggling economies such as areas of China, India and Africa.
It’s not just mobile recycling we’re experts in, we also spend a great deal of time researching global economies to see where Mazuma products could be most needed. Let’s take the example of Africa, where a skilled craftsman has figured out a way to make highly durable shoes using old car tyres. Perhaps this man trades to his village, perhaps a little beyond, but without good communication and resources his vision may not see its full potential. With the help of an iPad or smartphone this man could reach further, research new ideas, perhaps contact prospective buyers further afield or even source a partnership with another business or investor. In struggling economies such as those in Africa, efficient communication could mean the difference between a life lived near poverty and the life of a successful business owner.
So if you want to sell your phone or your tablet, take a look at the quote tool on the Mazuma homepage and see if your tablet can’t pay you back a little for the hours of queuing you undertook to be one of the first to own it!

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