Aside from the easy titbits of advice (sell mobile phones for cash, shop during sales etc) fashion and lifestyle experts tend to agree on these less followed tenets of the frugal, fashionable lifestyle.

Re-use or Recycle?

It’s not just mobile phone recycling we’re fans of; we think this is a pretty good guideline to follow throughout most areas of life. Fashion gurus tend to be of the opinion that if it’s not couture/vintage and you haven’t worn it in two years, either get busy re-using or get busy recycling! Still clinging to an old Samsung Armani P520 “just in case”? Designer mobile phones are not couture, and neither will they become vintage, so sell old mobile phones, designer media players etc. and put the money towards a better use (the 2011 summer lines!)

Professional Tailoring

Decided to hang on to that designer dress you never wear? A trip to a local seamstress to tailor to customise items that don’t quite fit properly could be the best way to breathe new life into a regrettable impulse buy, creating a one-off bespoke piece in the process.

If It Looks Good, Don’t Be a Snob!

Shabby-chic has been a signature interior design theme for a few seasons now, concurrent with the bohemian-vintage fashion wave that began during summer 2004. Scouring car boot sales and charity shops may not be your idea of heaven, but keeping an open mind could mean your open wallet stays full a lot longer!

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