Like old picnic chairs and out of style drapes, some folks send their poor mobiles to the dump instead of to the phone bank or letting Mazuma Mobile offer cash for phones (silly people!) Whilst it may not play on your mind that you dumped that ancient Nokia in the bin in 1999, let’s see how you feel after learning a few unsettling facts about how well that old Nokia is doing right now!

•    It’s probably leaking trace amounts of toxic compounds like lead, cadmium, beryllium, copper and arsenic (yes, really, ARSENIC!) Lead poisoning is a serious issue at all landfills, where improperly tossed away electronics are estimated to be responsible for around 40% of the lead fatally drifting around the area.
•    Non-toxic materials like plastic and glass can cause strife too. Most experts estimate (only ESTIMATE) that it takes around 1000 years for plastic to degrade. Estimates wary wildly because we simply have no way of knowing at this point in time. Most mobile phones are made using a high percentage of plastic.
•    Here’s a bit of maths we horrifyingly figured out in the office whilst going about or daily business of mobile phone recycling: Around 20 million handsets are upgraded annually. If half of these -were simply chucked on the local dump, that would mean a build-up of TEN BILLION handsets before the first one degraded after 1000 years. And that’s just in the UK!

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