It may be a little contradictory to our business practice (after all, we WANT your used mobile phones) but in an economy where debt is prevalent and lots of folks are tightening their belts, a few handy make-do and mend tips could be just the ticket!
•    Think carefully about the festive season. Planning ahead can take a lot of the more troublesome unexpected costs out of Christmas preparations. For example, start sending international presents early to avoid a lump payout at the Post Office a week before Christmas, make your own tree decorations using pine cones and holly etc.
•    Have a good de-clutter – you never know what you might find! Phone recycling, car boots sales, auction websites – these are all things that can make a real difference to the purse strings in times of financial hardship. Our cash for mobiles service has now paid out more than £110million, so get your skates on and see what moneymaking titbits you’ve got laying around your home or business.
•    Get customising. Sure, you might think clothing alterations are best left to gothic teens and fashion students, but you could be missing out on some great garb that’s already in your wardrobe. If you’re not the sewing type, get down to your local market to look for a local seamstress. Rates can be a fraction what they would at a chain establishment. Or how about biting the bullet and learning yourself?

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