Most people are now quite aware of the benefits of mobile phone recycling. Indeed, the fact that you can make quick, easy and sometimes quite significant amounts of money from recycling mobile phones means that there are very few people that aren’t aware of it. However, not so many people are aware that the recycling of mobile phones can be of enormous benefit to people in developing countries who are often far less fortunate than us here in the UK.

Really? How?

Well, access to landline telephones is often hard to come by for many people in developing countries as they are either expensive to set up or completely absent. Therefore, mobile phones can be of enormous benefit as they can provide people with a much needed means of telecommunication. As well as supporting individuals and families, recycled mobile phones also help businesses to run more effectively. Indeed, recycled phones which are sent to countries such as China, India and Pakistan not only help to keep people in touch; they also help developing markets to flourish and thereby increase financial opportunities and quality of life.

However, as good as all this sounds, you must bear in mind that you can only sell Nokia mobile phones and the rest if they are in decent working order. Remeber, mobile phones can only be recycled if they switch on and off and have no significant marks or scratches on the bodywork or screen.

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