The festive season is all about getting together with our nearest and dearest for lots of eating, drinking, fighting, napping, arguing over the telly, laughing and making general merriment right through to the end of Boxing Day, when all but the cheeriest finally run out of energy and give-in to Last of the Summer Wine re-runs! Well, that’s what our Christmases tend to be like anyway!
Christmas is a time when we do lots of things together, and one of our favourite recommendations here in the Mazuma studio is to indulge in a little seasonal de-cluttering.

•    Go through the cupboards and see what food can be donated to homeless shelters and so on. The winter is incredibly hard for the homeless and vulnerable folks, so do your bit to make sure your family helps out.
•    Go through those draws and trade in your mobiles for some cash! Phone recycling is a great way to make a little extra, so if you were lucky enough to get an iPhone 5 pre-Christmas, be sure to boost the festive fund and recycle phones with Mazuma.

•    When the kids are home from university or wherever they settled (listen up, offspring!) for adult life, the time’s right for a little clear-out of the parental nest. Make a day of it, use all those old present boxes and finally get your adult children to part with their 90s club gear that’s been in the loft for the last decade!

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