Getting money for selling mobile phones to us at Mazuma Mobile is one of the simplest processes around. We endeavour to ensure that everything from pinpointing your phone’s model and make, to getting the most money for your phone is as simple as possible.

We realise that the tough financial times may mean that you are looking to make money by whatever means you possibly can, and that by getting cash for your old phones froma  company like Mazuma Mobile, you can easily make yourself a little extra money.

Selling your old mobiles for cash is a great way to earn money from something that is probably laying around your house unused. First go to our website and see how much money you can get for selling us your old mobile phones. It’s all so simply laid out. Just find the manufacturer from the list, and click on the phone you are selling to get a quote. Fill out the address forms and tick the agreement buttons and hey presto, the process has begun.
Next wait for our package in the mail. Just pop your old phone in the freepost mail, and stick it in the letterbox. Once the phone is checked out, you will receive a cheque in the post. Finally, cash the cheque and count the readies.

Recycling your old mobile phones couldn’t be any easier. And not only do you get a little extra cash, but you help the environment a little too.

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