It is fair to say that most of us have become quite complacent about our ‘disposable society’. Indeed, many of us don’t even think twice anymore about throwing away items that are in perfectly good working order after they have been replaced with a more up-to-date model.

However, there is a growing awareness that this is simply not acceptable. Indeed, recycling has become far more popular in recent few years as a direct result of more and more people actually feeling guilty about the amount of perfectly good items they throw away. In addition, people are also far more aware that some items that are disposed of on a regular basis can also cause harm to the environment. For example, old mobile phones contain a number of toxic elements that can cause pollution if they find their way into landfill sites.

Thankfully, old mobiles can be easily recycled by us here at Mazuma Mobile. Our mobile phone recycling service is a very simple yet effective measure that enables people to sell old mobile phones for cash. We then send the phones we buy to developing countries so that they can be used by people who will greatly benefit from them. This means that not only will there be fewer toxic elements causing pollution to the environment, there will also be someone benefitting from personal communications that they might otherwise never have been able to afford.

So please think twice before throwing that two year-old phone in the bin.

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