With university fees looking set to go a bit nuts and make the whole university experience even more debt-filled than it already was, every little nugget of advice is going to be of use for current and prospective students. And you thought we just took care of your old mobile phones….

•    First years, keep it simple! Moving into halls of residence might seem like the biggest step in the world, but in reality you’ll be living there for around thirty weeks. Pack light and avoid the troublesome costs of moving eight boxes of seldom watched DVDs!

•    Make your junk make money! Sell mobile phones for cash (to us, obviously!), eBay bits and bobs that simply serve to clutter your living space, and consider keeping hold of a few valuables you don’t REALLY need for fiscally troubling times (e.g. hocking your old laptop for extra Christmas spends!)

•    Don’t eat out! This is a real life lesson, guys. Eating out is more expensive. Simple. Cooking can be a bit of a drag, but when it’s the choice between a year of take-away pizza debt or eating shop brand noodles nightly, the choice should be obvious. Two £10 pizzas per week over those thirty weeks in halls = £600!

•    Live on a budget. Very boring to be told this one, but it’s one of the most effective ways to keep tabs on your money and play the long game (i.e. make your student loan go as far as possible!)

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