We’re nuts about mobile recycling (we’re now running a total of more than £110million paid out to you lovely, lovely people for your old mobile phones!) and although we do our best to communicate ethical, straightforward marketing (like the little Mazuma Mobile mascot!), we believe that your word of mouth recommendation is important too. We’re a very ethical company, and we value the opinions and reflections of our users. Here are just a few of the ways you can get cash for your mobile and help our cause.

Personal Recycling
With more than 40,000 online reviews, we’re happy you’ve done your bit, but word of mouth recommendations can help us to reach folks without internet access too. There are plenty of folks in the U.K with old mobiles knocking around in their desk draws, so if you know someone you think might not know about our service, help them make a little cash with Mazuma!

Business Recycling
We reckon the average U.K household is holding around 4 spare handsets. What about businesses? There’s no limit to the number of handsets you can recycle with us, so get in touch and see if you can’t boost the office Christmas party fund with our help!

Phone Banks
These are a great way for schools, charities and so on to make a little extra cash with Mazuma. There are lots of handsets we buy at a rate of around £1, so collect enough and you’ve got a great funding boost!

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