Remember the Blue Peter “Bring and Buy Sale” concept? Sending away for those little information packs and thumbing through the pages and pages of stickers with trembling fingers! Here at Mazuma we love to do our bit for charity (which is why we’re noted as such an ethical company in terms of both humanity and the environment!) so if your school is looking for a simple, effective way to raise money for a charity of your choice or just to fund something awesome (might we suggest a trip to a high ropes adventure park!) for your students, why not put a few of those scholarly grey cells to work organising a phone bank recycling drive?

How It Works

We’re happy to take as many handsets as your school can throw at us! Just collect old mobile phones however you think is best (we recommend plastic bins handled by teachers), get in touch with us and let us know how many phones you’d like to sell and what models they are (sorry if there’s loads for you to trawl through, but it just means more cash!), then we’ll send out the required number of Parcelforce plastic bags for you to pop them all on their merry way to our tech wizards!  You can send broken and valueless phones too; we’ll recycle them ethically!

Data Delete

We operate a very strict data erase policy to make sure all our customers can rely on discretion and the protection of their privacy.

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