Extolling the virtues of the “simple life” is about more than just the occasional de-clutter. But, in the spirit of helping you get on to the path of ethical, efficient, greener living, here are a few of our expert tips covering everything from mobile phone recycling to gauging the likelihood of your pogo stick phase returning after an eleven year hiatus!


The old “reuse or recycle” mantra is something that can be applied to pretty much all the old electronic devices scattered around the home (hence why our cash for mobiles company exists!) Why have you kept the old vacuum cleaner? The broken toaster? That digital camera that got dropped in the sea three years ago? And who needs the last three generations of Blackberry Curve lying about the place! Trade in mobile phones for cash, send working electronic devices that are in good nick to your local charity store, and contact your local council for details as to their green electronic device disposal policy.


Stylist advice tends to be simple – if you haven’t worn it in the last year… it goes! Fair enough, we don’t all need a stylist poking us in the back trying to make us throw away that Jurassic Park t-shirt we know we’ll never wear again (but can’t quite let go of!), but there’s usually always scope to get rid of a few bygone trends.


Sorting through things like bookcases (when was the last time you read any of those Reader’s Digest short stories?!), DVD collections and swathes of magazines is usually a great way to de-clutter!

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