We can talk about the eco-reasons to recycle mobile phones until we’re blue in the face AND the cows come home.

But one of the most instantly conspicuous benefits of mobile phone recycling has to be the lovely feeling of earning cold, hard cash for mobiles.

Leading the pack in terms of accessible designer mobile phones has to be LG, whose partnership with high end bastion of chic Prada has led to both the LG KE850 PRADA and LG KE900 PRADA. After gaining a lot of attention in the fashion world (who wouldn’t want Prada on their ear?!), tech folks began to cast furtive glances in the direction of the sleek (suspiciously iPhone-looking) LG Prada range.

Originally costing more than the sacred iPhone, you can now pick up an LG Prada on the cheap… OR send your poor old mobile phones in to us for a little funding towards your next designer purchase!

Before LG-Prada, the stylish partnering of tech companies and high end designer brands brought us Samsung-Armani. The Samsung Armani P520 was released exclusively in Milan during the late 2007 season. As with most designer goods, its rarity kept it near the top of the designer mobile market for much of 2008. The December 2008 release of the follow-up Samsung Emporio Armani M7500 furthered the success of the Samsung-Armani team.

Do you have a designer mobile phone tucked away in a drawer somewhere? Use our easy online quote tool to see how much it could bag you towards your next Gucci impulse buy!

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