We estimate that the UK has around a staggering £1 billion of old mobile phones lying around the homes. Amazingly, this is about four old phones per household. Now, we understand why you might want a spare phone just in case your current phone breaks and you can’t go without, but four? And we bet half of those aren’t even working anyway. Do you even have an old Nokia phone from the early Noughties in a drawer somewhere? Shame on you!

Before you go and gather up your old handsets of years gone by and throw them unceremoniously in the bin in an effort to declutter, take a look at what we can do for you instead. Not only is throwing a mobile in the bin harmful to the environment because plastic takes a long time to degrade and the batteries contain toxic chemicals which are dangerous, but you are also losing out on some extra cash! Every time you recycle a mobile with Mazuma, you’ll make yourself some money, and it’s so easy to do there’s really no excuse not to.

The most hassle you’ll have when you recycle with Mazuma is that you’ll have to take it to the Post Office in its freepost bag that we’ll send out to you. Our service is completely easy and free to use – in fact, you’ll even make money, so what’s stopping you? We have over 1,000 different handsets listed, so you can recycle Blackberry phones or those old Nokias at the push of a button.

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