The idea that you can sell mobile phones for cash – your dud old things that you no longer want – could seem too good to be true, but we assure you that it’s not. If you’ve got a few old mobiles hanging around the house, lurking unloved in drawers here and there, why not take a few moments to type the makes and models into our website and see how much you could get for each one? For older phones, the small sums could add up into a decent, unexpected cash instalment, but for newer phones, naturally, larger sums of money are offered.

We accept working and non-working phones, and are able to give a new lease of life to your rejects and pass them along to others in need of them, allowing your unwanted phones to benefit others and live out their full life span, instead of just until you get fed up with them or offered a better model. By offering cash for phones you no longer use, we hope to save them from simply being thrown into the bin, instead recycling them and saving the large amount of landfill space that these phones could collectively take up otherwise.

We recycle phones to provide a solution to the problem of the disposability of these devices. In the UK, they clutter up homes and landfills, whilst other countries are in need of more mobiles. By recycling our unwanted phones, we can prevent excessive production and minimise waste – with phones sometimes being thrown out as regularly as every 12 months.

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