Fundraising and recycling go hand in hand, and we’re happy to add the Mazuma Mobile name into the mix! If you’re a charity or organisation looking to make a bit of extra cash, why not plan a mobile phone recycling campaign with Mazuma?

What We Do

Although we can’t provide collection bins etc, we can offer great rates on all the phones your collection drive picks up. We don’t cap the number of handsets you can sell to us because we think your organisation should get the same brilliant cash for mobiles rates as our single-handset clients. The process is simple; just enter the details of each phone collected (including whether they work or not) and we’ll send you a freepost Parcelforce collection bag (or several!)

Where to Collect

Supermarkets, schools and Local Councils are often keen to get on the ethical bandwagon when it comes to green issues and charity. Lots of our charity clients design their own phone banks and, working with the management of their chosen collection areas, site them in regular spots for an allotted amount of time. It can pay to let word get around a little, so perhaps a week or so (collecting at the end of each day) would see better results. Schools are often happy to organise particular days for students and staff to donate unwanted phones.

Always ask permission at an establishment if you intend to run a collection drive there, as some places require special permission from higher up to OK your project.

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