With A-level results looking good for the 29th year in a row, we reckon there’s no time like the present to recycle phones with Mazuma and get your teenage room in step with the rest of the house! (Your parents will thank us!) in the form of a pre-uni clear-out blitz!


There are probably LOADS of things you don’t need from childhood, so be brutal and accept a few home truths, e.g. those Thomas the Tank slippers are no longer fit for human feet… so recycle them! You can recycle pretty much anything these days – old mobile phones, old clothes, old DVDs, electronics etc. Do your utmost to avoid throwing things away, even if it means travelling a little further than the wheely bin to give them an ethical send-off.

Car Boots

We’ve sold things on eBay before too. As brilliant as it is, it can be a huge pain when you have to individually wrap thirty-seven DVDs, eighteen comics, ten pairs of strappy sandals and your entire POG collection! Obsessed with mobile phone recycling as we are, we’re also an office of die-hard car boot junkies! Most car boots sales charge a fee of anything between £5 and £20 for the pleasure of a pitch. Car boots are our favourite way to de-clutter (plus you get to haggle with strangers over nominal 10p costs!)

Be Brutal…But Not Too Brutal!

Remember, you will be home, and the odds are good you’ll love seeing a few old favourite possessions (who can part with ALL their action figures?!)

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