You may be among the increasing number of responsible consumers who takes it upon themselves to engage in mobile phone recycling. After all, by doing so you stand to lose nothing and can help the planet and save money at the same time.

However, it is vital that you do not stop simply at phone recycling for cash. In addition to this worthy activity, you should also bear in mind certain other things in relation to your phone use.

One issue that is rising on the agenda of firms in the industry is that of electricity wasted in the charging process. Each handset needs its batteries to be rejuvenated after a certain length of time. And, as the technology involved in the devices has become more sophisticated, their use of energy has risen.

This means that modern handsets often need to be re-powered more often than their older counterparts.

For this reason, it is particularly important that you adhere to certain principles when you are charging your phone.

One of the most basic things to bear in mind is that even when your mobile has been recharged, if you fail to remove the charger from the power source, it will continue to use electricity.

Not only is this bad for the planet, but it also has a damaging effect on your wallet thanks to higher energy bills.

So, by ensuring you disconnect the charger when the time comes, you can rest assured you are doing the right thing.

This is just one of many measures you can take in addition to phone recycling to lessen your carbon footprint.

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