Have you somehow managed to amass a collection of old mobile phones that are just hanging around the house? You may be wondering what the best way to get rid of them is, thinking that nobody will want to buy your rejects and not knowing if your local recycling facility can process phones. Investigating these avenues can be a lot of work, and the temptation to simply throw them into the bin and forget about them is overwhelming, but in the name of Mother Earth, Mazuma Mobile offers an alternative solution to mobile phone recycling which does not involve landfills but does entail exchanging said mobile phones for cash.

Instead of ignoring your eco-conscience, use our website to see how much your unwanted mobiles are worth. We send a prepaid envelope so that you don’t have to pay postage, making the undertaking worthwhile even for smaller sums of money. The age and functionality of your phone will dictate how much it is worth, but we accept both working and non-working phones.

Once we have received your phone we send you payment in the form that you requested – transfer, cheque or voucher – and refurbish your phone for a new owner. This allows your phone to continue its life somewhere other than a dark drawer or smelly landfill site, helping to protect the planet from the wasteful tendencies of our species. It can also clear your conscience in terms of wanting a new phone every 12 or 18 months, knowing that your old phone is living on elsewhere.

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