It’s not really an age-old debate, but it’s certainly one parents around the world have endured over the past decade or so – when are kids old enough to have their own mobile phones? As parents of the mobile phone recycling industry we spend a lot of time answering client queries and researching all and sundry to do with new mobile phones, used mobile phones and all the bits and pieces that go with them. Here are a few tips for parents thinking about finally letting their little monsters loose on the world of mobiles!
• Is it a question of safety? If your child walks home from school with a friend or other guardian, it can be a nice little reassurance that they have the capability to summon the emergency services. That said, lots of schools (especially primary schools) don’t allow mobile phones to be used on the premises. Perhaps consider something like a personal alarm instead.
• If you live in a rural setting or on a farm, kitting out the kids with mobiles can be a great way to afford them the wonderful freedom of rural living without destroying your larynx calling them in for dinner!
• Teaching kids about how you can recycle phones and other electronics is essential. Help them learn about things like the manufacturing process, sensible recycling and ethical consumption.
The general consensus seems to be that a mobile bought out of necessity can be very beneficial. However, a mobile for the sake of fashion or keeping up with the Jones’s kids is probably just wasteful.

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