Organising a wedding, organising a divorce, moving house – the big three life stresses! There may be no such thing as the fairytale divorce or flawless wedding run through, but we can certainly help you with a few ideas and golden nuggets of advice when it comes to moving house!

Resist the Urge to Pack EVERYTHING

Those old mobiles phones lurking in a seldom visited desk draw…. you don’t need them! Recycle mobile phones, alarm clocks, kettles, curling tongs, pretty much everything electrical you haven’t used in the past year or two. Chucking everything into boxes might seem like the simplest option, but do you really want to recreate troublesome loft space mess in your new place? Try to treat the “sorting through stuff and deciding what to keep” stage as a separate monster to the “endless packing” stage; it’ll make everything seem like less of a giant project.

Pack in Stages

Moving on Thursday? Still not packed on Tuesday? Depending on the size of your possessions hoard, organisational genius types tend to recommend allowing at least a month to organise and efficiently box up everything in your home. This will SERIOUSLY diminish the amount of stress associated with packing up a lifetime of stuff in a single day!

Reuse or Recycle

This is the part even we sometimes have trouble with! We KNOW we never use the Wii anymore (it was such an impulse buy, and who were we kidding!), and we KNOW we should trade in seldom used electronics and mobile phones for cash. Reuse or recycle – pick a side!

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