The leaves may be falling but there’s no reason for your mood to dip. With plenty of new phones out there to play with and test, now is a great time to sell your mobile and invest in a new one.

With so many great phones out at the moment, there is great choice, great value and lots of fun. Take the brilliant new iPhone 4, the most attractive phone ever with its toughened exterior of glass and stainless steel, black sleek look and discrete but professional side buttons. Its brilliant display and fantastic sound give you a great experience and the multitasking facilities work fast and efficiently allowing you to play games and use apps quickly and easily.

Perhaps the 12mp Camera with Xenon flash on the new Nokia N8 will take your fancy. The dual microphone means the N8 will give you excellent sound recording when filming. And linking the 720p HD video output to your TV set means you get to see your movies on the big screen.

Or the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini. This tiny phone, about the size of a credit card, has only three buttons. Coming in a variety of different colours including hot pink and passionate red this elegant little device is incredibly simple.

Whichever you decide to go for this autumn, don’t forget to log on to us at Mazuma Mobile where you can sell your old mobiles for cash.

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