We don’t mean have you literally left a few pennies inside a seldom-used piggybank, but rather is there value in the various unwanted odds and ends lying around your home?

Although ours is a mobile phone recycling service, we’re nuts about things like car boot sales and online auctions. As they say, one person’s trash is another’s treasure, so what have you got?

Gadget Recycling
You can recycle Blackberry phones and pretty much every other mobile with us, but what about things like GPS devices, laptops and PCs? There are heaps of companies like ours out there who can recycle your other gadgets, just make sure you visit us for the best mobile phone and tablet prices!

Online Auctions
By far the best way to get rid of what you think of as worthless junk, online auctions can turn your trash into lovely money for your hols! If you’re a past fan of something and have a decent collection, consider selling it off in one chunk via eBay or a similar auction site. You might be surprised what someone will pay for a mint collection of Terry Pratchett first editions!

Organise a swap meet with your mates – take along a load of unwanted stuff and come home with some stellar finds!

Whether you want to recycle Nokia phones or simply find a new home for your childhood books, there’s a market for everything (you just have to know where to

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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