It’s a strange but true fact that on average, every UK household has at least four old mobile phones lurking in dark drawers and losing any value they once had.

It’s partly because we love our mobiles so much and get such a lot of use out of them. And one of the things we like the best about our mobiles is upgrading them to the latest model – we enjoy the new features that come along on a regular basis, and we also like the fashion aspect of having the latest handset.

Many of us don’t like throwing our old mobile away. We have a vague feeling that it might come in useful in the future, and of course, we’ve often spent quite a bit of money buying it in the first place.

There are also good environmental reasons for not dumping your phone in the bin. Although a lot of people are not aware of it, a mobile phone contains a number of toxic elements that should not be allowed to pollute the planet if they end up lost in a landfill site.

So what to do with that once-precious device? Easy; selling mobile phones is a great way to recycle your handset and get good money for it at the same time. If you recycle mobile phones for cash, you are doing a favour to the planet while benefiting yourself; now, that’s a situation where there are no losers.

Don’t chuck it away, recycle it with Mazuma. Everyone wins.

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