Mobile phone recycling is a brilliant idea for a number of reasons. First, in the UK we have a huge number of old mobile phones available for recycling at any time –  it’s estimated that in this country there are as many as 20 million mobile phone upgrades every year.

In some other countries, however, it’s not so easy for people to get hold of a good-quality mobile phone. And doesn’t it seem a good idea to let your old phone go off to help someone in a developing country rather than leaving it to gather dust and lose value in your kitchen drawer?

At Mazuma, we take the old mobile phones we buy from our customers and process them so they can be reused in countries including China, Pakistan and India, where communications networks are still being built up and mobile recycling provides a valuable phone resource for ordinary people.

But while it means your old phone is going to a useful new home, we don’t expect you to give it up for nothing. We specialise in phone recycling for cash, and it’s easy to find out how much we will be able to pay for your phone.

All you have to do is enter the kind of phone you have on our website, and tell us if the handset is working or not. We then show you how much money we will pay for your phone if you sell your mobile – and the recycling process can begin. Simple.

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