Of course we don’t like to play favourites, but Nokia phones are amongst the most sought-after in burgeoning mobile phone industries such as those in China, India, Pakistan and Africa. Our phone recycling scheme aims to bring efficient, reliable old mobile phones (fully refurbished of course!) to those who need them most, at a price they can afford.

So, why does everybody love Nokia?

•    Arguably the original user-friendly template, Nokia still prides itself on simple continuation of design. Take the menu for example, the typical Nokia menu is perhaps one of the easiest to use on the market (and has been for years!) and similarities span across models, making it easier to use other’s phones or adapt to upgrades.
•    The overall user-friendly interface of Nokia mobile phones (e.g. easily identified icons, network bars etc) makes them ideal “first” options. In simple terms, almost everybody can navigate an unfamiliar Nokia phone with relative ease.
•    Easy personalisation (e.g. operator logo, welcome message, ringtones etc) might be something we’ve come to expect from the likes of iPhone and Android models, however it was Nokia who arguably pioneered the most practical personalisation tools.
•    Compatibility of components plays a huge role in the ever-growing popularity of Nokia. Everybody has an old Nokia charger knocking around somewhere!

Are you one of those folks with an old Nokia lurking in the shadows? Your faithful old Nokia could make you some lovely cash! Sell your phone to us and we promise to take good care of it on its journey from trash to treasure!

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