Many mobile phone recyclers have appeared on the scene since Mazuma Mobile first launched its service in 2006. But how do they compare with Mazuma?

Here’s a quick guide to help you make your comparison

Comparison tip no. 1 – Price
Although some mobile phone recyclers may appear to offer slightly more than Mazuma, be careful. Many mobile phone recyclers quote an ‘up to’ price which may be reduced once they have your phone. Please read their terms and conditions very carefully to ensure you don’t fall into this trap. A number of mobile phone recyclers will also charge you a fee to have your phone returned if you are unhappy with their revised value. Mazuma Mobile offer fixed prices for both working and non-working phones and will give you the option to have the phone returned free of charge, in the event that the value needs to be revised due to different model being received or the phone being classed as non-working.

Comparison tip no. 2 – Speed of payment
It’s safe to say that most people want their money fast. If that’s also important to you, then make sure you find out how long you can expect to wait to get paid. Some mobile phone recyclers will take several days and even weeks to pay you once they have your phone. When looking at mobile phone recycler’s payment periods, pay careful attention to what they actually mean. Some recyclers claim in their quote, ‘payment made within 2 days of your phone being processed’ but in reality they may take several days to process your phone from receipt. Other recyclers have been known to quote indicative payment times and do not guarantee to meet them. You could be left waiting a lot longer in busy periods. Mazuma Mobile promise to make payment on the same day they receive your phone.

Comparison tip no. 3 – Bank Transfers
There are a number of mobile phone recyclers who offer to pay you via bank transfer. All bank transfers are the same right? Wrong. Most recyclers pay via BACS. BACS bank transfers take 3 working days to clear in your account. Mazuma Mobile pay bank transfers via FPS (Faster Payments). FPS bank transfers clear in your account on the same day of transfer.

Comparison tip no. 4 – Find out what others say
Your mobile phone is valuable, so before you part with it, do your research to compare what other people are saying about mobile phone recyclers. It’s the easiest way to find out which mobile phone recycler gives you the best service and value. Many recyclers have a Facebook page where customers leave their comments and ask questions. You can also look through customer review sites for a selection of independent reviews. At Mazuma Mobile, we encourage you to visit our Facebook page. Or check out what people are saying about all the leading recyclers on independent review site Trustpilot and make your own mind

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Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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