Going Green is about more than just occasionally flinging a magazine into the recycling bin at work. It’s about making real life changes that are conscious of things like global production processes, waste management, e-waste in the modern world etc. Sound a bit overwhelming? Don’t worry! All the best green things you can do tend to be about simple, regular changes and habits in your daily life.
Not quite sure if you care enough to go green? After all, how much waste do you REALLY make? Try collecting your rubbish for a month instead of throwing it out into the magic portal of the wheelie bin. That can get pretty messy, so maybe choose a couple of packaging items to hoard for a month. We kept plastic milk cartons, crisp packets and magazines – all of which can be recycled easily – and were horribly shocked by the amount our office could have contributed to a landfill if we hadn’t already established excellent recycling protocols.
But it’s as much about the message as it is about the action. Our mobile phone recycling company is built on strong environmental ethics because we understand the importance of actions AND words. We don’t sing the praises of selling mobile phones just to make a fast buck and chuck them in a landfill when we’ve harvested precious metals and minerals. We recycle mobile phones for cash and make sure we play a huge role in the next part of the chain, i.e. reselling refurbished phones in struggling economies.

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