Keeping the kids up to date with the latest trends is enough to make any parent’s eyes water, but if there’s one area we all care about it’s kids and safety. Keeping kids safe and responsible away from home never seems easy. But most kids are fairly capable of deducing what behaviour and safety measures are most/least effective. In relation to electronic devices though, there are a few pointers that can be worth driving home!

•    Avoid carrying mobile phones where they can be seen (e.g. poking out of pockets, hanging from lanyards etc). This tip may be the most basic consideration, but most petty crime is born from momentary opportunity, so teach kids not to be a target.

•    If your kids want to sell their old mobile phones for cash, our service is reliable, secure and conscientious. It could be the ideal time to teach them about things like responsible money management, the eco-causes associated with mobile phone recycling, and being aware of the negative aspects of peer pressure and unscrupulous dealers.

•    Invest in mobile phone insurance. Teaching kids the value of an object is certainly helpful, but no mobile phone is worth your life in a crime situation.

The above precautions and tips don’t just apply to the young. We can recycle mobile phones for your whole family (including Granddad’s ancient Nokia 5165!), so get the whole household in on the act! Alerting every family member to the ease and reliability of our phone recycling service could help everyone in your home.

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